Sunday, March 16, 2008

Prayer Wheels

This is a public art project that I've been mulling... Public Prayer Wheels.
The goal, or the vision rather, behind the project in my head is to do some sort of work that somehow battles public apathy, which I really think is behind so much of our inter-personal disconnection and behind us as a population allowing our present lives and our futures to be bartered for money and oil, amongst other things. It also addresses lack of spirituality in public life... not religion, per se, because there is plenty of that I think, but rather the lack of personal empowerment...the lack of that blissful feeling that comes with being content and fulfilled in a way that money just can't buy.
There is a similar project in Chicago that I found on the web, but it's a mobile installation attached to a bicycle. I'm hoping to do something that's semi-permanent, something people can return to, and something that becomes a part of the landscape in a way.
I guess I'm always looking for a way to stop time/reality, to create "hierophanies" (see first post) I do it when I sketch clothing designs, and it's my inspiration when I paint...

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